Meet the team


Founder and director Claire has a great eye for quality pieces and innovative design, she is responsible for the wonderful selection of jewellery represented in Argent. Claire trained in Jewellery design and Silversmithing in Birmingham and with over 30 years experience she can offer expert knowledge in all aspects of jewellery. Claire is fabulous with people and just loves being in the shop chatting to customers, many of whom have become great friends over the years. She always says that talking and getting to know customers is the best way to understand their needs and give honest advice.


Claire’s husband Stewart is the technical whiz, working hard behind the scenes as well as on the shop floor. Although he never intended to be involved in the jewellery industry he began helping out and ended up staying. When he’s not working in the shop he loves nothing more than a day on the golf course!


Genevieve has been with Argent for over 20 years, previously training in Fine Art and as a working jeweller, she loves creating our shop and window displays as well as helping out on the shop floor and behind the scenes. Gen now works part time and runs her own business as a jewellery designer and maker.


Julie has been with Argent from the beginning and after taking a break to complete her jewellery training she now works part time and runs her own jewellery making business. Julie is a great organiser and keeps everything in order, she has excellent knowledge of the history of the shop and designers and remembers things that Claire doesn’t!


Fi joined Argent in 2016 whilst she was studying Fine Art, she is a talented Artist and now a full time Graphic Designer but still finds time to work in the shop at weekends. In the relatively short time she has been with us she has got to know the workings of the shop, she is valued team member and customers really warm to her. As well as working on the shop floor she is dedicated to creating our social media content.