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Nomination Jewellery

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Created in Italy, Nomination Jewellery is an exciting line of creative pieces that perfectly capture your style and allow you to show it off every day. There are many jewellery designers out there, and it can seem like they are all offering pretty much the same thing. Because of that, it is important for a designer to do something to set themselves apart from the crowd.

Nomination has been a leader in the stainless steel jewellery market since 1987. In recent years, charm bracelets have become more and more popular. Did you know that Nomination was the original creator and designer of the composable Italian charm bracelet?

In addition to Italian charms, Nomination produces other items too. They create handmade jewellery for men and women. While stainless steel is a speciality, you can find excellent pieces in sterling silver and 18-karat gold too. The items that include stones have skilfully implemented precious or semi-precious stones as well as diamonds and diamond substitutes such as zirconia.

Everyone knows that Italy is one of the world leader when it comes to style and elegance, so choose an Italian original - Nomination. Whether you are following the latest trends of you want to find a classic piece that you can wear for years to come, there is something for you in the current catalogue of Nomination jewellery products. Take a look at what is available and pick out a piece for yourself or to give as a gift for that special someone in your life.

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